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) die Südseite des tiefblauen Toktogulstausees. The mountains begin Lake Toktogul at sunset Around Lake Toktogul Am nächsten Tag (23. August) führte uns die Strasse über die Hügel entlang des Stausees. So sehr wir die vielen Auf und Abs auch in den Beinen spürten, so glücklich machte uns die Aussicht auf See und Berge, die sich uns nach jeder Steigung von Neuem bot. Als wir am frühen Nachmittag hungrig ein kleines Dorf erreichten, klapperten wir auf der Suche nach Brot jeden einzelnen Dorfladen ab. Welcome to our online store the

With various styles and colorful design, you can find your favorite that fits your tasteAt around 2400m and after riding 60km, the afternoon began to turn cooler so we thought that rushing to the top to only then have to descend with approaching darkness wasn't such a smart decision. Instead we moved away from the road, found a lovely slightly raised flat grassy platform perfect for our tent tucked beside a cascading mountain stream. Ia Hildebrandt (Hans Georg), Obstlt. With full stomachs after dinner we enjoyed the sky change through the colours of the rainbow, and contemplated how lucky we were to be sitting together in such a beautiful place on this planet. As soon as the sun disappeared, we scuttled for the warmth of our down sleeping bags in our tent and slept peacefully through the night. &

ted baker us,You must be logged in to post a comment. I never paid attention D: If anyone wants to add a translation in some language, add a comment. Leave A Reply Antworten abbrechen Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben. Letzte Artikel Wo ist der Müssiggang geblieben. Looking for Chinese Articles Co Operations and Affiliates from China hense.

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,A night here gave us time to gather some supplies for our journey towards Song Köl, since according to the map there were no more villages along our route, where we could buy food. That meant loading up our bags with enough food for about 5 days, not exactly knowing how long it would take to get up to Song Köl and back down again. Jumping with happiness About 20km past Chayek (29th August), we turned south, the road became even more rutted, dustier, and harder to ride, and our progress was slowed further. All the same, the road was free of traffic and we got excited looking at the imposing mountains looming ever larger and closer in the distance. ) Armeekorps Hoth (Hermann), Gen. 27,June

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