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I'm not really defending Kamiya per se, but he has every right to express his opinion on the internet the way he wants to, the way you or I or anyone else does. I am just baffled how someone like Malcolm Reynolds gets to call Kamiya out on being a rude internet douche without tattooing ‘. ' in neon lettering on his own forehead. The only real difference between what he does and what most other people do online is he is using a Twitter channel which is tied to his company. This may not reflect well on Platinum Games, as Kamiya is a senior staff there, which is why I think he should get his own personal channel. Save money for the shopping of the ThanksGiving Day

save 65%The present form of an increasingly visible crisis development within capitalist economy demands a more realistic view on things. In place of the neoliberal euphoria of deregulated markets steps the similarly neoliberal conflict between globalization and national protectionism. thanks in advance, Reply Jan Tzschichhold says: July 24, 2012 at 04:15 Yes, its a little park right infront the Tokyo Tower. Just walk towards the Tower and you can't really miss it. But still there is a governmental consensus about taking the economic crisis as an occasion to finally moralize capitalism. &

ted baker yorkdale,png From the official Playstation Youtube channel. Take a look at the tags they use XD. At least they changed it since then, lol. Malcolm Reynolds Please go away. I'm sure you can find something to play on your Wii instead of trolling a playstation game you have never played nor have any intention of ever playing.

Danny Fastiggi,


,Now that I know it isn't I think Kamiya's has that much less room to bash anothers work. InternatlGamer3 Oh yeah and Super Smash Bros. Is an original idea crafted by Nintendo. Not, have u people ever heard of THE OUTFOXIES it was a 4 player beat em up in the style of Super Smash and it came out in 1994. Came out in 1999 Five years later. 13,June

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